• Microsoft confirms 3 new Windows 10 and Windows 11 Printer issues

    11 days ago - By WMPoweruser

    The recent discovery of major vulnerabilities in the printer stack of Windows and its subsequent remediation appears to have caused major compatibility issues with Windows 11, with Microsoft confirming 3 new printer-related issues for their newly released operating system. Notable the issue also affects Windows 10, and the issue appears to be confined to enterprise...
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  • Windows 11 hurts AMD Ryzen performance even more than we thought

    11 days ago - By PC World

    Windows 11 might have just had its Chernobyl moment. AMD and Microsoft already confirmed that the new operating system increases L3 cache latency by 3x on Ryzen CPUs , but it can actually be as much as 6x slower, according to independent testing. Cache latency can affect performance in many applications, including games.
    Want even more big numbers to show how broken things are with Windows 11 on Ryzen? The benchmarks also show that Windows 10's L3 cache bandwidth can be up to 12x faster than when running on Windows 11 , according to testing by Paul Alcorn of Tom's Hardware. Oof.
    The bad...
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  • Microsoft confirms a couple of printer problems with Windows 11

    Microsoft confirms a couple of printer problems with Windows 11

    11 days ago - By Windows Central

    Microsoft confirmed a couple of printer problems with Windows 11 that prevent installations.
    What you need to know
    Microsoft has confirmed multiple issues that prevent Windows 11 PCs from installing printers.
    Issues arise when attempting to install printers through HTTP connections or through Internet Printing Protocol.
    Microsoft is investigating the issues and working on fixes that should arrive in a future Windows 11 update.
    Some Windows 11 PCs run into issues when trying to install printers. Microsoft confirmed two issues related to installing printers on systems running Windows 11. One...
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