• $38/25GB, $43/30GB plans available to some Fido customers

    4 days ago - By MobileSyrup

    Some existing Fido customers might be able to get a $38/mo 25GB plan, at least according to a recent post on Red Flag Deals .
    According to RFD user 'saadhs' , Fido has a $38/mo plan with 25GB of data and talk and text available in the 'Change Plan' section of the provider's online account manager. Moreover, saadhs said in an update that the plan offers 4G LTE data after confirming the detail with a Fido agent (previously, saadhs posted that the plan was limited to 3G speeds).
    Along with the $38 plan, saadhs also noted there was a $43/mo 30GB plan.
    Fido's $38/25GB and $43/30GB plans |
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