• Luna and TerraUSD Cryptocurrency Crash. This Week's Top Bitcoin and Crypto News - CNET

    3 days ago - By CNET

    All the bitcoin, cryptocurrency and NFT news for the week ending May 13.
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  • Another week of job slashes and crypto crashes

    Another week of job slashes and crypto crashes

    3 days ago - By TechCrunch

    Hi friends!
    Welcome back to Week In Review , the newsletter where we wrap up many of the top stories to cross TechCrunch's front page over the last seven days.
    The big thing this week - at least based on what our backend suggests readers cared about most - was the crypto market plunging hard and fast. Bitcoin is down over 25% month-over-month, from around $41k per BTC to around $30k at the time I'm writing this. Ethereum is down over 30% in the same time frame - from around $3,100 per ETH to around $2,000.
    Why? For that I defer to Lucas and Anita and their new podcast/newsletter Chain...
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