• How a space doctor keeps astronauts healthy on the ISS

    23 days ago - By Phys.org

    From muscle loss to radiation exposure and the psychological effects of confinement, spaceflight takes a toll on those lucky enough to experience it.
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  • How to watch SpaceX's third crewed mission to the ISS

    How to watch SpaceX's third crewed mission to the ISS

    23 days ago - By The Verge

    SpaceX is slated to launch its third crew to the International Space Station early Friday morning, ferrying two astronauts from NASA, one from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and the first European Space Agency astronaut to fly a private US spacecraft to orbit. The four-person crew will launch atop SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket at 5:49AM ET on Friday.
    The mission, dubbed Crew-2, marks the second operational mission under the Commercial Crew Program, NASA's public-private initiative to revive its human spaceflight capabilities after a 10-year dependence on Russian rockets. It will mark...
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  • NASA ISS astronauts: We haven't seen any unicorns in space 'so far' - CNET

    23 days ago - By CNET

    A young space fan drops a surprise mythology question on NASA's current ISS crew.
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