• IOS 14.6: Apple releases beta 1 to developers

    23 days ago - By Macworld

    Apple started testing iOS 14.6 before the big iOS 14.5 release even went out to the general public. With iOS 15 expected to begin testing at WWDC in June, many users thought iOS 14.5 would be the last release in the iOS 14 branch. It appears that Apple is not quite done iterating, and so we'll get iOS 14.6 as well.
    What's new in iOS 14.6
    We don't yet know what changes are in store with the iOS 14.6 release. We'll update this article as new features are found.
    How to get the iOS 14.6 beta
    If you're feeling brave, you can try out iOS 14.6 before its general release. Apple suggests you do not...
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