• Tekken 8 teased with chaotic trailer, leaving fans confused and excited

    1 month ago - By GamesRadar

    Tekken 8 has seemingly been announced in the wildest way possible. Yesterday at the EVO 2022 tournament in Las Vegas, the clip just below debuted, showing Tekken series mainstay Kazuya Mishima dumping a body off a cliff. Then the classic pixelated clip switched to photorealistic graphics, with Kazuya smiling menacingly at the camera and the ominous words "get ready" appearing on the screen.
    The next TEKKEN was very briefly teased at Evo2022. Get ready! pic.twitter.com/B8KwPvWuaI August 8, 2022 See more
    The livestream that the new clip debuted on then cut back to the commentary booth, and...
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  • Tekken 8: un premier teaser avec Kazuya Mishima

    Tekken 8:  un premier teaser avec Kazuya Mishima

    1 month ago - By Be Geek

    Un modèle 3D moderne et réaliste de Kazuya Mishima dans le teaser de Tekken 8.
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