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WATCH: Starter Kit: D&D Edition | Episode 2: In Search of Adventure

Posted On: Jan 10, 2019   |   Posted By: Episodes

You gotta start somewhere, so why not start now? Starter Kit delivers you to the world of roleplaying games in a fun and easy-to-digest manner! Join host Jason Charles Miller and special guests to help build up your Starter Kit and begin your own adventure!
Even the greatest heroes had to start somewhere, and now it's your turn! The first season of Starter Kit is your gateway to the world roleplaying games. Whether you're new to them or just want to learn more, join host and dungeon master Jason Charles Miller and his guests Mike Phirman, Mixi Demner, Angela Webber, Hal Sparks, and Carmel Helene to learn the intricacies and strategy of roleplaying games in a manner that's fun and easy to digest.
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