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WATCH: Inside the Box - HEROQUEST

Posted On: Jan 9, 2019   |   Posted By: Episodes

Inside the Box is a comedy tabletop game series, bringing their favorite board games to life with a mix of visual FX, cinematic presentation, and an alarmingly immature sense of humor.
HeroQuest from Milton Bradley is an ancient artifact from another time. The 1980s, to be precise. Released in '89, HeroQuest was one of the first dungeon-crawlers. In a world of Monopoly and Candyland , HeroQuest pioneered the modern strategy game. Instead of simply reaching the end of the board, you explore a mysterious dungeon with numerous rooms, enemies, and secrets to be found.
Players choose a class from classic adventure tropes: a Barbarian, a Wizard, an Elf, and a Dwarf. After grabbing your starting gear, you're dumped into a strange room and set loose to find honor and glory. Each scenario had different rules and win conditions, making for a huge amount of replayability- you could even make your own adventures! But in a world of modern board games, does a relic from the 1980s still live up to the hype?
When the ITB...

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