• The worst Mars mission ever conceived is now dead

    5 monthes ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    Mankind will be headed for Mars sooner or later, but planning an executing the first manned mission to another planet is obviously a complex and expensive endeavor. Mars One was one of the first and most ambitious attempts at getting a manned Mars mission off the ground. It was also terribly mismanaged, shortsighted, and possibly even fraudulent in nature. It is also now dead.
    Mars One - which is broken into a confusing mishmash of a non-profit foundation and a for-profit company - gathered tens of millions of dollars from investors who saw promise in the company's goal of creating a...
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  • Mars One Is Dead, but It Was Doomed From the Start

    Mars One Is Dead, but It Was Doomed From the Start

    5 monthes ago - By ExtremeTech

    We haven't heard much from Mars One, the company that promised to send people to colonize Mars as part of a reality TV show. It's looking like we won't hear from it again, either.
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