• The Xbox One's Netflix-style game program is getting a crucial update

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Microsoft has a Netflix-style service for gaming on the Xbox platform, and it's getting a major update.
    The six-month old service will get new games at the same time as launch in the future, starting with "Sea of Thieves" in March.
    Microsoft says all upcoming games published by Microsoft will arrive at launch on the Game Pass service - a major change that makes Game Pass a much better value.
    Microsoft's version of Netflix for gaming, the subscription-based Xbox "Game Pass" service, is getting a major change: Going forward, all Xbox One games published by Microsoft Studios will be part of...
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  • Photoshop's Select Subject gives you a head start on masks - CNET

    Photoshop's Select Subject gives you a head start on masks - CNET

    11 monthes ago - By CNET

    The one-click masking tool, previewed in fall, is available in a new update, and it's... OK. Plus, Windows 10 users get better interface scaling.
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  • The first 512GB microSD card will be available in February

    The first 512GB microSD card will be available in February

    11 monthes ago - By AndroidPhoneFans

    MicroSD cards are getting pretty ridiculous but in a good way. There was a time not too long ago when a measly 32GB microSD card was impressive. Now you can get one of those for around $10. Last summer, SanDisk made waves by introducing a 400GB microSD card. A new microSD card is here to break that record.
    The Integral 512GB microSD is the new record holder for most storage in a microSD card. It's not as fast as SanDisk's card , but half a terabyte of storage is no joke. The card is designed to capture full HD video off of cameras and it meets the high standards required for that.
    We don't...
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  • The blue-water metric

    11 monthes ago - By Computerworld

    This IT manager pilot fish is usually one of the first people to get into the office in the morning - and that gives him a heads-up on a recurring problem. "Once each week, when I come in, I see that the water in the toilet is blue," fish says. "Very often, on those days, I'll get a call from an employee that their computer and monitors won't power up. I ask them to check the color of the water in the restroom and if it is blue I know what the problem is. "They normally tell me I'm nuts. "But I'm not. The blue water indicates that the cleaning crew was in the night before. And this...
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  • How to track GPU performance data on Windows 10

    How to track GPU performance data on Windows 10

    11 monthes ago - By Windows Central

    Task Manager now displays performance data about your graphics cards, and in this guide, we'll tell you how to view and understand this information.
    Starting with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update , the Task Manager introduces the ability to track Graphics Processing Unit performance data to understand better how these resources are being utilized, now that GPUs are becoming increasingly important in computing.
    This means that every GPU configured on your computer will now appear within the "Performance" tab displaying real-time resources utilization. Also, in the "Processes" tab, you...
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  • Prepare to Get Started in Robocraft Infinity, Coming Soon to Xbox One and Windows 10

    11 monthes ago - By N4G

    Noddydog here to give you some getting started tips in Robocraft Infinity Enhanced Edition, coming soon to Xbox One and Windows 10. If youve never heard of us before, Robocraft Infinity allows you to build robots block-by-block and face off against other players in their own custom build robots in multiplayer deathmatch and battle arena.
    In Robocraft Infinity there is no limit to what you can build and take into battle. As we have a block-based system for creating robots, inspired b
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