• Razer Phone 2 not fully working on Verizon, should be enabled soon

    9 monthes ago - By PhoneDog

    Having issues using your new Razer Phone 2 on Verizon? If so, you're not alone.
    Razer Phone 2 buyers have taken to Reddit to say that they've having problems getting their new phone to work correctly on Verizon Wireless. One user says that they went back and forth between Razer and Verizon support trying to get the phone working, and while data and calling worked once their IMEI was added to Verizon's system, texting was still wonky.
    Razer chimed in today to say that it's aware of the problem and working to get the Razer Phone 2 working on Verizon as soon as possible. Razer CEO Min-Liang...
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  • Deal: Unlocked Nokia 6 (2017) drops to $175 on Amazon

    Deal: Unlocked Nokia 6 (2017) drops to $175 on Amazon

    9 monthes ago - By Phone Arena

    No matter when you buy a Nokia smartphone launched by HMD Global, you can rest assured that your phone will receive at least two major Android OS updates. The Nokia 6, a smartphone launched more than a year ago, is no exception to the rule.
    Originally launched with Android Nougat on board, the Nokia 6 has been updated to Android Oreo and is likely to receive an Android Pie update in the coming month. Specs-wise, the smartphone is quite decent and offers support for all major GSM carriers in the United States, including AT&T and T-Mobile.
    Various retailers in the US offer the Nokia ...
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  • Razer Phone 2 will soon receive support for Verizon's network

    Razer Phone 2 will soon receive support for Verizon's network

    9 monthes ago - By Phone Arena

    The newly launched Razer Phone 2 is already available for purchase in the United States. The flagship is compatible with many GSM, HSPA+ and LTE carriers, but it does not have the hardware to cope with CMDA networks.
    Even so, Razer confirmed its new smartphone is compatible with Verizon Wireless, but unless the carrier certifies the Razer Phone 2, it will not work. At the moment, you can't make phone calls using a Verizon SIM card and data works intermittently, so there's basically no point in getting a Razer Phone 2 if you want to bring it to Verizon's network.
    However, Razer said ...
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