• Why did it take nearly two years for YouTube to come to Switch?

    12 days ago - By N4G

    Nintendo Enthusiast:
    The new YouTube app for the Nintendo Switch is exactly the same as the YouTube apps on every other console. So, why did it take two years to release?
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  • How to Download and Sign in to your YouTube Account on your Nintendo Switch

    13 days ago - By N4G

    So, the listing of YouTube coming to the Nintendo Switch was true and youre in a hurry to download it, only its not immediately viewable in the eShop? Dont worry, with this guide, not only will we tell you how to download it, but well even tell you how to sign in to your account associated with YouTube!
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  • Nintendo Switch gets YouTube, paving the way for Netflix?

    Nintendo Switch gets YouTube, paving the way for Netflix?

    13 days ago - By Pocket-lint

    The Nintendo Switch finally gets a video playback app and, while it isn't quite the one we've been asking for, it is a significant step in increasing the console's talents beyond gaming. YouTube is now available on Switch as a free download and it provides a full video streaming experience. The image quality is great - even running up to 60fps for compatible clips - and it is as easy to navigate as on tablets, such as the iPad. You can link it up to your existing YouTube account to jump to subscribed channels easily - including Pocket-lint - and it supports 360-degree videos too. The app...
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