• Samsung's most powerful A-Series phone launches soon in South Korea

    1 day ago - By Android Central

    Samsung's original Quantum was a variant of the A71 5G, but the Quantum 2 is said to be a variant of the as-yet-unreleased A82.
    What you need to know
    Samsung's Galaxy Quantum 2 has leaked in live images.
    This is said to be a variant of a possible A82, and would be the most powerful A-Series phone being sold on release.
    It is expected to retail on April 23rd in South Korea.
    Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Quantum 2, a South Korean model of the rumored Galaxy A82 and a sequel to last year's Quantum. When it launches, it'll be one of Samsung's most powerful A-Series phones, with a...
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  • This new Android phone is so powerful, it needs two fans to cool it

    This new Android phone is so powerful, it needs two fans to cool it

    1 day ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    It was only a few weeks ago that Nubia launched a crazy Android phone featuring up to 18GB of RAM and an actual cooling fan , the likes of which you don't usually see on mobile devices. But Nubia's RedMagic 6 devices are gaming phones, so they have to offer sustained performance at peak levels and that requires various additional technologies to improve cooling. But the phones with one cooling fan are already old news, as Lenovo just launched a new gaming phone of its own that's so powerful it needs not one but two fans to keep it cool.
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