• Windows 10 1809 delay: New Arm PCs having to ship with untested Windows 1803

    5 monthes ago - By ZDnet

    The $1,000 Always Connected PCs from Lenovo and Samsung could come with compatibility issues and missing features.
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  • 10 Android phone security tips you need to know

    10 Android phone security tips you need to know

    5 monthes ago - By TechRadar

    Most of us use our phones far more often than our laptops - but where we used to obsess about laptop security, when it comes to our our Android handsets... not so much. This is partly because many of the security basics have been patched away and firmed up. However, there are still ways to make sure your phone isn't compromised, along with all your passwords and sensitive data. So here are our top 10 security tips that will help you to enjoy a smooth, secure and worry-free experience on your Android phone .
    1. Consider using a password manager
    Isn't it strange that a disembodied...
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  • 10 Delayed Games that Just Need to Come Out Already

    5 monthes ago - By N4G

    Joe Y writes: No one likes to wait even longer for a much-anticipated game. Here are 10 games that have been delayed and need to just come out already.
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