• Weekly poll: OnePlus 5T, did it live up to your expectations?

    One year ago - By GSMArena

    It seems that OnePlus has settled into a tick-tock model. Early in the year, a new model brings a new design and major new features, later on a T model launches with refinements. But did the company do enough to make the OnePlus 5T a worthy upgrade?
    It's great that the price is mostly unchanged, making the 5T one of the most affordable Snapdragon 835 flagships out there. The other late 2017 high-enders push against or even break the $1,000 barrier making wallets around the world shriek.
    The new 18:9 screen is strictly an improvement over the older screen. You don't get a higher pixel...
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  • OnePlus 5T Launch: 'Flagship Killer' Goes Full Screen

    OnePlus 5T Launch: 'Flagship Killer' Goes Full Screen

    One year ago - By Mobile Tech Today

    The latest Android smartphone from Chinese upstart and "flagship killer" OnePlus hopes to tempt new users looking for the new all-screen experience, but at less than half the price of an iPhone X.
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