• A top Apple designer says technological change will 'happen sooner than we think'

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    The man in charge of designing Apple's iPhone user interface gave a rare public speech last week where he discussed Apple's design philosophy and its office culture.
    Alan Dye, Apple's VP of user interface design, gave a rare public talk at the Science Museum of Virginia last week, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch .
    Dye is one of two designers who took over day-to-day responsibilities for Apple chief design officer Jony Ive in 2015, and he's in charge of the way that users tell Apple's software what to do and the animations and interactions that make up how it responds, Wired reported in...
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  • Why Apple's iPhone Will DOMINATE The AR Space

    Why Apple's iPhone Will DOMINATE The AR Space

    11 monthes ago - By Know your mobile

    Richard Goodwin
    17/07/2017 - 11:29am
    AR - or, augmented reality - is coming in 2017... and it might just change everything, providing you have an iPhone
    Apple's betting big on AR. The company unveiled its ARKit at this year's WWDC expo, giving developers the tools they need to create applications for the new, headline feature that is expected inside this year's iPhone 8.
    Augmented Reality is often talked about in the same breath as VR, but the two technologies are rather different. Virtual Reality is a fully immersive experience, one that lends itself to gaming and media, but not much...
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