• Brazil is at the forefront of a new type of router attack

    4 monthes ago - By ZDnet

    Avast: More than 180,000 routers in Brazil had their DNS settings changed in Q1 2019.
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  • How to change DNS settings on your Google Wifi

    How to change DNS settings on your Google Wifi

    4 monthes ago - By Android Central

    Why would you want to change a DNS server? Whether your internet connection is under heavy load, the subject of an attack, or you just want to get some faster speeds, it might be worth it if you have some technological know-how. Even if you don't, we've put together a guide to help you out.
    Products used in this guide
    Easy to use and well supported mesh network: Google Wifi 3-Pack
    One of the best Android phones for the Google Wifi app: Galaxy S10+
    Why change a DNS?
    Every internet-connected device has an internet protocol address, an IP address, including the servers that contain your...
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