• Finland increases stake in Nokia by $1 billion

    One year ago - By Pocketnow

    The government investing arm, Solidium, has increased its stake in the domestically-based company to 3.3 percent and could look for more.
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  • Finnish government acquires stake in Nokia

    Finnish government acquires stake in Nokia

    One year ago - By TechRadar

    The Finnish government has acquired a three per cent stake in Nokia in a bid to strengthen the country's ownership in the company. Nokia is Finland's largest company and therefore seen as an important target for the Solidium Oy, the State of Finland's investment arm, which has investments worth €8.4 billion. It has purchased 3.3 percent of Nokia for €844 million, meaning the firm accounts for 10 percent of its total holdings. The idea is to “stabilise” Finnish control of nationally important companies and grow the value of its investments to the benefit of the taxpayer.
    Nokia and...
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