• The Best External Hard Drives and Portable SSDs of 2019

    8 monthes ago - By Tom's Hardware

    Here are the best external hard drives and SSDs for the money. These drives offer the best balance of performance, features and price.
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  • The best budget phone you can buy in 2019

    8 monthes ago - By The Verge

    We've found the best phone that doesn't break the bank
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  • Best-sounding albums to own on vinyl - CNET

    8 monthes ago - By CNET

    Whether you're buying records as a gift or for your own collection, these are the 20 of the best-sounding albums, according to CNET.
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  • Best Alexa speakers 2019: Top Amazon Echo alternatives

    Best Alexa speakers 2019: Top Amazon Echo alternatives

    8 monthes ago - By Pocket-lint

    Amazon's Alexa is great, she can control all manner of smart home products , answer questions you may have and play the music you request. The Amazon Echo devices aren't the only speakers that offer the capable Alexa assistant though - there are numerous third party options that have embraced Alexa too. From portable speakers to Alexa-compatible soundbars, we've gathered together the very best Amazon Echo alternatives. If you're after Google Assistant speakers, we have a feature for those too. Sonos One squirrel widget 148504 Sonos entered the Alexa-enabled speaker market with the Sonos...
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  • This year's best branding revealed in Computer Arts

    This year's best branding revealed in Computer Arts

    8 monthes ago - By Creative Bloq

    Whatever your creative profession, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to keep an eye on the competition. And when it comes to branding in 2019 - where great ideas are as important as brilliant execution - that's never been more true. So the latest issue of Computer Arts, issue 297, a Brand Impact Awards special, is a must-buy for anyone working in the creative industries. Because not only does it list the winners of the prestigious annual competition, it goes into real depth about how these world-class projects were conceived, and why they work so well in practice.
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  • Best Desktop CPUs for Work 2019

    8 monthes ago - By Tom's Hardware

    We've compiled a list of processors that represent the best bang for your buck in common productivity tasks. AMD dominates the scorecard.
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  • IOS 13: The five best features and how they work

    8 monthes ago - By ZDnet

    ZDNet's Beth Mauder walks you through her five favorite iOS 13 features and how you can try them on the iPhone.
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  • 6 Best Smartphones That Still Have a Headphone Jack (2019)

    8 monthes ago - By Wired

    3.5-mm audio jacks are endangered, but they're not extinct yet. Some of our favorite smartphones still have them.
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  • The best and only premium Android tablet you can buy is the Tab S6

    The best and only premium Android tablet you can buy is the Tab S6

    8 monthes ago - By Android Central

    Thank goodness the Tab S6 is great, because it's the only premium tablet you can buy right now.
    Behold the last hope for Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. With Google abandoning them, companies you've never heard of building models you should never buy, Samsung is carrying the entire Android tablet ecosystem on it's shoulders for the most part. And by Jove, they are doing it with style .
    The Tab S6 is a throwback to the ultra-premium design after the Tab S5e was released earlier in 2019 with more modest specs and a more modest price. It's also a really nice tablet, and Google has...
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  • The best Chromebook 2019: Our pick of the top Chrome OS laptops

    The best Chromebook 2019: Our pick of the top Chrome OS laptops

    8 monthes ago - By Pocket-lint

    Looking for a new Chromebook? Although Google doesn't seem committed to developing more Chrome OS-based laptops itself, Chromebooks have been successful and are available from many big names in laptops including HP, Acer and Asus. Education has been a big market for the devices, but they're also great for a simple home laptop for Gmail, Google Docs and web browsing.
    Can't decide whether to choose between a Chromebook and a standard Windows or Mac laptop? Then check out Chromebook vs laptop: Which should you buy?
    Chrome OS is Google's alternative to Windows and, essentially, is a more...
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  • TGS 2019 Attendance: Exhibitors Soar but Overall Numbers Down Slightly

    8 monthes ago - By N4G

    The Tokyo Game Show 2019 has formally concluded yesterday, bringing an end to a four-day convention which highlighted the best and brightest new video games coming to the region. Organizer Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association has today provided information on attendance numbers, showing record growth in some areas and a slight drop off in others.
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  • Best over-ear headphones 2019: the best-sounding, most comfortable cans

    Best over-ear headphones 2019: the best-sounding, most comfortable cans

    8 monthes ago - By TechRadar

    The Best Over-Ear Headphones Buying Guide: Welcome to TechRadar's round-up of the best Hi-Fi over-ear headphones that you can buy in 2019. If you value good quality sound and best-in-class performance when it comes to listening to music, then nothing out there beats the full immersion you'll get from a pair of solid over-ear headphones. It's a fact: in terms of soundstage, sound quality and comfort during extended listening sessions, no other form factor can compete with them. Plus, if keeping your ears healthy long into your twilight years is just as important to you, they also tend to be...
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