• Tempest in a teapot: How a 15-year-old rallied programmers to save one of the web's oldest jokes

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    If you've spent any time browsing the web, chances are pretty good you've run into a page with an error code on it.
    You've likely seen numbers 404 or 403 .
    Less commonly spotted is error code 418 , which makes your browser proclaim "I'm a teapot."
    If it sounds like a joke, it is: Way back on April Fool's Day in 1998, the Internet Engineering Task Force - a group that sets internet standards - proposed " a protocol for controlling, monitoring, and diagnosing coffee pots ." That document defined status 418 thusly : "Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code...
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