• Why Anthem is One of Our Most Anticipated Games of E3 2018

    8 monthes ago - By IGN

    It's that time of year again: E3 2018 is just on the horizon. From June 9-14, we'll be covering the biggest games and hardware announcements of 2018 and beyond. While you can check out our continually-updated Games of E3 List , we're now going to start diving deeper. Every day leading up to the show, we'll be highlight the stuff we want to see and play at E3 2018. Today's game: ANTHEM .
    When Did We Last See Anthem?
    Though we haven't seen anything new from Anthem since its stellar reveal at E3 2017, BioWare has definitely kept us in the loop on the game's progress. In a recent blog post...
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  • Shenmue III won't be released in 2018, but you knew that already

    Shenmue III won't be released in 2018, but you knew that already

    8 monthes ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    You've been waiting 17 years for Shenmue III - what's one more year between friends? Sure, a delay until until 2019 makes the time between the wildly successful Kickstarter for Yu Suzuki's white whale and its eventual reality jump to four years, but I think we all knew this was inevitable.
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  • How gaming can help solve cybersecurity woes

    How gaming can help solve cybersecurity woes

    8 monthes ago - By The Next Web

    Who would've thought a few years ago that in one year, we would see the personal information of all U.S. voters leaked, the Social Security numbers of more than a hundred million people stolen, and the sensitive financial data of hundreds of millions of people exposed by companies that were supposed to protect them? All of that happened in 2017. 2018 will probably be worse, since even more people, organizations, and businesses will go online, a considerable amount of which don't even know the basics of protecting their digital assets. The one thing that all online platforms and businesses...
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  • Villa Gorilla's five-year journey to make a one-year game

    8 monthes ago - By GamesIndustry

    Jens Andersson left Starbreeze and LucasArts to escape long dev cycles; with Yoku's Island Express, he discovered that all good games take time
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