• You Can't Buy Steam Games With Bitcoin Anymore

    One year ago - By Tech Times

    Steam no longer supports Bitcoin, meaning you can't buy games on the platform with the cryptocurrency anymore. Valve says it's because of the 'volatility' and increasing transaction fees of the virtual money.
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  • Amazon Video arrives on Apple TV, Steam ditches Bitcoin payments video - CNET

    One year ago - By CNET

    The biggest headlines in tech include Amazon Video's arrival on Apple TV, Steam ditching Bitcoin as a payment and Google dropping desktop Chrome App support in favor of progressive web apps.
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  • Removing Bitcoin payments from Steam is a smart move by Valve

    Removing Bitcoin payments from Steam is a smart move by Valve

    One year ago - By The Next Web

    It was a huge boon to the cryptocurrency community when Valve began accepting payments in Bitcoin on its game distribution platform Steam over a year ago. But this is all coming to an end - at least for the time being. In a blog post from yesterday, the company announced it will no longer support the popular cryptocurrency as a payment method “due to high fees and volatility” in price. While transaction rates used to be as low as 20¢ last year, Valve says the fees topped out at $20 last week. “These fees result in unreasonably high costs...
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