• Are games turning children into cyber criminals?

    One year ago - By CBR

    A life of hacking and cyber crime could be awaiting children who are exposed to easily accessible free tools, and the pathway begins with playing popular games.
    The inquisitive and often formidable minds of children are no longer satisfied with playing a game within the parameters set out by the developers.
    Many are joining the growing trend of making modifications, and seeing where the loop holes are, the foundation for a hacker's thought process.
    Concerns in this area have been raised significantly; culminating in the report released by The National Crime Agency , the publication is...
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  • Free hacking tools 'help young into cyber-crime'

    Free hacking tools 'help young into cyber-crime'

    One year ago - By BBC

    Easy to use hacking tools make it easy for teenagers to get started in cyber-crime, finds a report.
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