• A Peter Thiel-backed startup led by former SpaceX engineers just raised $110 million to make editing your DNA 'as accessible as vaccines'

    5 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A Silicon Valley genome engineering startup founded by former SpaceX engineers called Synthego sells ready-to-use kits that let people experiment with the cutting-edge gene editing tool CRISPR .
    On Tuesday, Synthego received $110 million from Peter Thiel's Founders Fund and two other Silicon Valley venture firms - bringing the company's total funding to $160 million.
    CRISPR holds massive promise for a field known as gene therapy , which involves modifying someone's DNA to treat a genetic disease like sickle cell.
    Synthego sells its CRISPR kits primarily to researchers in roughly 50...
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  • Synthego raises $110 million to make gene editing technologies more accessible

    Synthego raises $110 million to make gene editing technologies more accessible

    5 monthes ago - By TechCrunch

    Paul Dabrowski, the chief executive officer of Synthego , which provides genetically engineered cells to scientists and researchers, worries about a future where access to the genetic technologies that will reshape the world are only available to the few who can afford them.
    To hear him tell it, that's why Dabrowski began working on Synthego in the first place - to democratize access to the new technologies that will give scientists, researchers, and consumers new ways to rewrite the code that has defined human existence.
    “People talk about access to the tools, but the question is access...
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