• This little robot moves in and out of the sun to care for a plant that lives on its back

    7 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Tianqi Sun, CEO of robotics firm Vincross, modded one of his robots to care for a succulent that it carries on its head.
    The robot, named Hexa, can move the plant in and out of shade and stomps when it needs watering.
    Tianqi said that this mod was made with art in mind, rather than functionality.
    Tianqi Sun, CEO of robotics firm Vincross, has created a delightful mod of his robot Hexa which cares for a houseplant when the owner is too forgetful to water it.
    Hexa is a small crab-like looking robot, which is available to buy for $949 and is designed to give people the chance to experiment...
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