• Trump's plan to privatize the ISS by 2025 probably won't work, NASA's inspector general says 

    8 monthes ago - By The Verge

    The Trump Administration's plan to hand the International Space Station off to the private sector by 2025 probably won't work, says a government auditor. It's unlikely that any commercial companies will be able to take on the enormous costs of operating the ISS within the next six years, the auditor said.
    NASA's inspector general, Paul Martin, laid out his concerns over the space station's transition during a Senate space subcommittee hearing May 16th, helmed by Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Bill Nelson. During his testimony, Martin said that there's just no “sufficient business case” for space...
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  • Spacewalking astronauts perform pump swap at space station

    Spacewalking astronauts perform pump swap at space station

    8 monthes ago - By Phys.org

    Spacewalking astronauts carried out a high-flying, high-tech version of musical chairs Wednesday, rearranging pumps outside the International Space Station.
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  • Spacewalking Astronauts Replace Leaky Pump on Space Station

    8 monthes ago - By Space

    Two NASA astronauts took a 6.5-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station today , breezing through all of their planned work and optional "get-ahead" tasks right on time.
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