• IPhone XS Max deemed more of the same in rigorous durability test

    9 monthes ago - By Phone Arena

    If you care about durability and you're still not sure you should upgrade from last year's iPhone X to the hot new XS or XS Max, fret not, as torture expert Zack Nelson from YouYube channel JerryRigEverything is here to... tear Apple a new one.
    Don't worry, the extra-large iPhone XS Max does not snap in half like the iPhone 6 all those years ago, but apart from acing a rather useless burn test, there's not much to justify that extravagant retail price and outright bonkers official repair costs.
    Not as far as this popular YouTuber is concerned, ...
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  • Sunday Debate: iPhone XS Max vs a used car

    Sunday Debate: iPhone XS Max vs a used car

    9 monthes ago - By GSMArena

    It's been highly commented upon in the past how expensive our phones are becoming year on year. This year the iPhone XS Max with 512GB costs £1,449/$1,449/€1,649. Causing many to pause for thought at what else they could or should be buying for that price.
    New TV, a new laptop or a family holiday perhaps? What about a used car?
    We're all fans here of Top Gear so the producers challenged us to find a used car for the same value as the tricked-out iPhone.
    Paul: Let's break from the norm
    In this head-to-head we would be comparing apples...
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