• The biggest companies in the TV industry are banding together to arm themselves against Google and Facebook

    8 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    NBCUniversal is joining rivals Turner, Fox and Viacom to help advertisers better use data to target people with TV ads.
    The consortium, dubbed OpenAP, promises to eliminate much of the manual labor and friction inherent in data-driven TV advertising, which is nascent compared to the web.
    NBCU is not only participating, but licensing some of its own proprietary data and tools to bolster the effort.
    Ultimately, the TV ad industry needs to up its data and tech chops as it battles giants like Facebook and Google for ad budgets.
    NBCUniversal is signing on to help TV advertising transform itself...
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  • How Do Facebook Ads Target You? The Surprising Truth

    How Do Facebook Ads Target You? The Surprising Truth

    8 monthes ago - By Mobile Tech Today

    Targeting ads using Facbook, it turns out, is almost infinitely customizable - sometimes in surprising ways. The ads you might see can be tailored to you down to the most granular details of your life.
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