• WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton calls for deleting Facebook

    One year ago - By SlashGear

    You know things have gone from bad to worse when you own ranks are either falling on their swords or turning against you. That's the plight that Facebook is now facing after days of non-stop criticism over its handling of user data. Facebook is no stranger to controversy and calls to boycott its service. But the latest call to action...
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  • After selling his company to Facebook for $19 billion, Brian Acton joins deleteFacebook

    After selling his company to Facebook for $19 billion, Brian Acton joins deleteFacebook

    One year ago - By TechCrunch

    Brian Acton, the co-founder of messaging service WhatsApp (which Facebook bought in 2014 for $19 billion) is now joining the chorus of the deletefacebook movement.
    It is time. deletefacebook
    - Brian Acton March 20, 2018
    A tipster alerted us to the fact that Acton made the same call... on Facebook... as well.
    Since the sale of Whatsapp (which has made Acton an incredibly wealthy man), Acton has been actively financing more secure messaging platforms for users.
    Acton has already used some of his Whatsapp wealth to give $50 million to the Signal Foundation .
    While some may say it's...
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  • WhatsApp co-founder tweets ' deleteFacebook'

    WhatsApp co-founder tweets ' deleteFacebook'

    One year ago - By Engadget

    While calls to limit or eliminate their presence on Facebook have increased since the recent reports of how Cambridge Analytica allegedly used data from the platform, most of them haven't come from anyone walking with a few billion dollars of Faceboo...
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  • WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook

    WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook

    One year ago - By The Verge

    In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion , making its co-founders - Jan Koum and Brian Acton - very wealthy men. Koum continues to lead the company, but Acton quit earlier this year to start his own foundation. And he isn't done merely with WhatsApp - in a post on Twitter today, Acton told his followers to delete Facebook.
    “It is time,” Acton wrote, adding the hashtag deletefacebook. Acton, who is worth $6.5 billion, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nor did Facebook and WhatsApp.
    It was unclear whether Acton's feelings about Facebook extend to his own app. But...
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