• MoviePass' auditor says there's 'substantial doubt' about its ability to stay in business - as it reports a $150.8 million loss

    11 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    MoviePass' owner, Helios & Matheson Analytics, has filed its 10-K to the SEC and reported a loss of $150.8 million last year.
    The company's independent auditor states in the filing that it has "substantial doubt" about its ability to stay in business.
    Helios & Matheson CEO Ted Farnsworth emphasized that $110 million of the $150 million loss is non-cash.
    Ever since MoviePass drastically cut its price last summer, people in the movie industry have wondered how it will stay afloat financially. Its auditors have the same question.
    MoviePass owner, Helios & Matheson Analytics , faces...
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  • Paid Tier Of Facebook Could Cost $11-$14 Per Month: Analysis

    Paid Tier Of Facebook Could Cost $11-$14 Per Month: Analysis

    11 monthes ago - By Android Headlines

    After the whole Cambridge Analytica data breach happened last month, there's been a big spotlight on Facebook, and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg even testified before Congress last week. Zuckerberg was asked about getting rid of ads and potentially charging users to use the platform. Zuckerberg stated that it might be something they do in the future - marking the first time a Facebook executive has ever said the company would be open to charging for its services. Now, according to analysis from TechCrunch, Facebook would need to charge between $11 and $14 per month, to offset the revenue lost...
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  • Facebook paid over $8.8 million for Mark Zuckerberg's security and travel last year

    11 monthes ago - By Phys.org

    Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook salary may only be $1, but don't think that is all the Facebook co-founder receives in benefits from the social network he helped create.
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