• Apple's AR glasses may be coming sooner than we think

    4 monthes ago - By Computerworld

    There's a claim Apple has canned development of AR glasses. This makes no sense to me - I think it means they are coming sooner than we thought. Through an glass darkly
    “Apple has suspended the development of head-mounted display AR/VR headsets, and already disbanded its team for the development of AR/VR HMDs,” Digitimes claims in a report almost nobody believes. The publication also said development had been ceased temporarily , with people involved in the project diverted elsewhere. To read this article in full,
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  • Apple TV Plus' See reportedly costs almost $15 million per episode

    Apple TV Plus' See reportedly costs almost $15 million per episode

    4 monthes ago - By The Verge

    The already-crowded streaming market is on the verge of getting some new competitors, with Apple TV Plus, Disney+, HBO Max, and more gearing up to face off against more established players like Netflix and Hulu. These companies are willing to shell out some big bucks to try to compete, with Apple reportedly spending nearly $15 million per episode on See , according to a report in The Wall Street Journal .
    A big bet on streaming services
    To put that number in perspective, Game of Thrones - likely the most expensive TV show made yet - took eight seasons to work its way up to a $15...
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  • Apple Glasses project is "terminated", new report claims

    Apple Glasses project is "terminated", new report claims

    4 monthes ago - By Phone Arena

    Apple has allegedly run into insurmountable difficulties with its rumored augmented reality glasses, rumored to come in 2020 as an iPhone accessory.
    A new report by DigiTimes claims that Apple has "temporarily stopped" developing the new technology and it is not clear whether it plans to go back to the drawing board or look for different technologies to achieve its goals with the rumored Apple Glasses. This particular report, however, stands at odds with other publications who claim that Apple is set on releasing the glasses on time.
    Over the past ...
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