• Ask Us Anything About the Xbox Series X

    20 days ago - By IGN

    We are running tests, measuring, and of course playing games on the Xbox Series X now that we have a demo unit in our hands. But what we really want to know is:
    Do you have an unanswered question about the Xbox Series X?
    Let us know your thoughts, and we'll pick out our favorite responses to play on this week's episode of Next Gen Console Watch!
    Here's how you can participate:
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    Look for the video commenting box at the bottom of our articles on both desktop and mobile web. Note that the feature is...
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  • Early Xbox Series X Tests Praise SSD, Backward Compatibility

    Early Xbox Series X Tests Praise SSD, Backward Compatibility

    20 days ago - By ExtremeTech

    Microsoft has given some publications free rein to publish reports on the Xbox Series X - or, at least, on certain features of the Xbox Series X. These are not full reviews; they specifically focus on the Xbox Series X's backward compatibility. The Xbox Series S has not been tested or discussed in these articles. Ars Technica and VentureBeat both tested various aspects of the Xbox Series X's performance in older games, and how its SSD impacts these titles. First, Microsoft hasn't been kidding about how much the new architecture cuts loading times: Image by Ars Technica Red Dead Redemption...
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  • This Is How Xbox Series X And PS5 Will Solve Their Exclusive Problem

    21 days ago - By Forbes

    In any other generation, selling consoles by how well they played old games would be absurd, but this Xbox Series X and PS5 generation comes at a very different time.
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  • Xbox Series X hands-on: The quietest console we've ever tested | Arstechnica

    21 days ago - By N4G

    Xbox Quick Resume impresses. Plus: New controller, auto-HDR, venting holes, and more.
    "Xbox is the quietest console we've ever tested"
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