• Classic Sega games coming to Nintendo Switch starting this summer

    11 monthes ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    We still have no idea when or if Nintendo will bring the Virtual Console to Switch, but some publishers aren't waiting around for it. On Monday, Sega announced during the FES 2018 event in Japan that a selection of its classic hits will arrive on the Switch eShop in North America, Europe and Japan beginning this summer.
    Dubbed "Sega Ages," the lineup of retro titles is being developed by M2, which is the same team that handled Sega 3D Classics on the 3DS. Sega also says that the games will come with "new features," but didn't offer details.
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  • Jotun Coming To Switch Next Week

    Jotun Coming To Switch Next Week

    11 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    Thunder Lotus Games, the developer behind Jotun and Sundered, has announced that Jotun will be arriving on Switch on April 27.
    Jotun was first kickstarted in 2014 for a PC release the following year. The action adventure game tells the story of Thora, a dead Viking woman who is crossing the realms and defeating giants, or Jotun, representing various elements in an effort to impress the gods and join in Valhalla.
    You can check out the Switch launch trailer below.

    Jotun is already available on PC, Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4.
    Our Take
    I'd be surprised if Sundered isn't also coming sometime...
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  • Classic Sega games are coming to the Nintendo Switch

    Classic Sega games are coming to the Nintendo Switch

    11 monthes ago - By MobileSyrup

    Sega is bringing a variety of games from its classic Genesis library to the Nintendo Switch , including S onic The Hedgehog , Phantasy Star and of course, one-time mascot for the once powerful brand, Alex Kidd. The collection is set to release worldwide this summer under the name ‘ Sega Ages .' Development is being handled by M2, the team behind Sega 3D Classics , a collection of retro remakes for the 3DS. Sega says that the games will incorporate “new features,” but doesn't go into any other additional detail. It would be fascinating if Sega added some form of online features to its...
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  • The 8th generation Pokemon game will be on Nintendo Switch

    The 8th generation Pokemon game will be on Nintendo Switch

    11 monthes ago - By Pocket Gamer

    Traces of a new, full Pokémon game have been mere rumors and whispers, but we finally caught word that the next generation of Pokémon will indeed be coming to Nintendo Switch.
    The Spanish edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine confirmed the news, saying that the next generation will feature on the Switch and will incorporate new mechanics to keep things fresh. There's still no solid timeline for when the next game could launch, be it later this year or further in the future.
    Here is the Nintendo magazine talking about the upcoming Pokémom games pic.twitter.com/TnbJynvQDZ
    - Ahnabella...
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