• Sega Accidentally Leaks Genesis Collection Trailer

    One year ago - By GameInformer

    Earlier today, website SegaNerds posted a trailer from what they claimed was an announcement of a Sega Genesis Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
    The trailer indicated a collection that is fairly similar to the Sega Genesis hub already on Steam, which would indicate a port of the apartment-style menu that already exists on that service. The video has since been removed without explanation, being unclear whether it was SegaNerds who removed it or Sega filing a claim against it.
    When we reached out to Sega, they confirmed that there was an admin error that resulted in assets...
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  • Sega accidentally leaks 'Sega Genesis Classics' collection for Xbox One

    Sega accidentally leaks 'Sega Genesis Classics' collection for Xbox One

    One year ago - By Windows Central

    You should be able to play various Sega Genesis games on your Xbox One soon.
    It looks like Sega may have accidentally leaked a Sega Genesis Classics collection for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A few hours ago, a YouTube trailer was posted for "Sega Genesis Classics" featuring the platforms, but was quickly pulled by the publisher. Luckily, numerous quick-fingered gamers saved the video and posted it on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
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