• Watch Fortnite Premiers to start grabbing more loot

    4 monthes ago - By Android Central

    Watch YouTube, get free Fortnite cosmetics.
    What you need to know
    Fortnite is getting a new rewards system called Fortnite Drops.
    By linking your Epic Games account and YouTube account, you can earn special rewards for watching Fortnite Premiers.
    There's a full schedule of upcoming opportunities to earn Fortnite Drops.
    Fortnite just keeps getting bigger. Today, Epic Games announced a new way for players to earn rewards with Fortnite Drops. After linking your Epic Games account and YouTube account together, you can get Fortnite Drops by watching different Fortnite Premiers on YouTube.
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  • It's sad how easily iPhone XR and XS screens scratch, but you can protect yours for $2

    It's sad how easily iPhone XR and XS screens scratch, but you can protect yours for $2

    4 monthes ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    Apple's current-generation iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are by far the best iPhones that Apple has ever made. But they're not perfect, of course. The new oleophobic coating Apple uses on the screens definitely resists oil better than ever, but it's also ridiculous how easily it scratches. You can be the most careful person in the world, but you're still going to scratch it, guaranteed. Do your self a favor and order TETHYS Glass Screen Protectors for your iPhone to make sure that your screen remains pristine. They cost as little as $6 for a 3-pack depending on which phone model...
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  • Save on Vizio 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs With These Summer Deals

    Save on Vizio 4K UHD HDR Smart TVs With These Summer Deals

    4 monthes ago - By IGN

    Approximately two-thirds of America is expected to be under a brutal heatwave this weekend, so why even bother going outside when you can watch movies and play video games on a brand new 4K TV ?
    Vizio 4K UHD TV Deals
    Fortunately for you, Walmart has an on-going summer sale on Vizio TVs right now, all of which qualify for free shipping. Depending on the size and model, many of these 4K TV deals even have free 2-day shipping. That means you could spend Saturday inside with the fan on or the AC cranked, waiting for your new TV to arrive.
    Vizio 70-inch M-Series 4K UHD for $1048.00
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  • The 10 Best Dragon Ball Games Of All Time, Ranked

    4 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    Not every Dragon Ball game lives up to fans' expectations. These are the best games ever made starring Goku and the rest of the Z fighters.
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  • Pokemon Masters New Trailer Shows More Gameplay

    4 monthes ago - By GameSpot

    Pokemon Masters is on the way this summer , and the Pokemon Company has rolled out a fresh look at the game in action while we wait for our chance to try it for ourselves. The latest trailer shows more of the 3v3 Pokemon battles, support from other Trainers, and sync attacks with your Pokemon. The release date is still listed as "Summer 2019." It's bound to come relatively soon, but no firm release date has been set. It's coming to iOS and Android devices. Pokemon Masters takes the familiar Pokemon battling throughout the series and changes it up by featuring sync pairs of renowned...
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  • Is AMD Ryzen 9 3900X good for gaming?

    Is AMD Ryzen 9 3900X good for gaming?

    4 monthes ago - By Windows Central

    Best answer: AMD's new Ryzen 9 3900X is great for gaming, especially if you pair it with a capable GPU.
    Buy your own Ryzen: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
    Keeping up with Intel's Core i9-9900K
    Intel boasts about the single-core performance of the Core i9-9900K and rightly so as it's really good. The processor is fantastic for gaming, since modern games need more cores to run, but it also has great per-core performance, which is something AMD has struggled with in the past. Before Ryzen came along, AMD continued to increase the core and thread count without catching up to Intel with performance on each...
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  • These are the best Xbox One X and S accessories available today

    These are the best Xbox One X and S accessories available today

    4 monthes ago - By Windows Central

    Whether you have the 4K media-focused Xbox One S or the 4K gaming powerhouse Xbox One X, you're most likely going to need accessories. Some of the most necessary accessories include vertical stands, battery chargers for controllers, among others. We've put together a list of some of the best available.
    Voice control
    Amazon Echo
    Staff favorite
    You can now control your Xbox console using voice commands via an Amazon Echo speaker. The lowest-cost Echo devices are pretty affordable and currently sport the widest array of support for connected devices and services. The most affordable Echo...
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  • Pokémon GO's New IV Appraisal System Might Be The Game's Best Addition Ever

    4 monthes ago - By Forbes

    Pokemon GO's new appraisal system is amazing, and the game's best addition in ages.
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