• Graceful Explosion Machine shmup blasts off

    10 monthes ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Side-scrolling shoot 'em up Graceful Explosion Machine [ official site ], out this week, has one of the better combat systems I've seen in the genre. Your spaceship has four weapons to cut down the waves of blobby enemies: a simple blaster that can overheat and three flashier weapons that use up energy, which you collect from dead enemies. So, you've got to balance aggression with conserving your resources, and it's a neat internal tug-of-war.
    It's pretty hectic, too, with lots of enemies on screen at one time, and in its latter stages is pretty damn hard. This is all from playing the...
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  • Graceful Explosion Machine Review - The Gamers Lounge

    Graceful Explosion Machine Review - The Gamers Lounge

    10 monthes ago - By N4G

    Graceful Explosion Machine isn't a complicated game with a heavy plot. This is a simple game with fast paced action. There are plenty of enemies to kill and combos to rack up in this colorful game that is full of explosions.
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