• New Releases Available From Plaid Hat Games

    6 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    If you're still looking for that holiday gift for the gamer on your list, Z-Man games has a pair of new releases you can pick up now over in their webshop. They're Gen7: Breaking Point, and the new expansion for Guardians, Uprising .
    From the announcement:
    Hello, Plaid Hat fans! We're excited to update you regarding two awesome titles arriving soon in our web store and at local retailers. Let's take a look two great games hitting stores on December 13th !
    Gen7: A Crossroads Game
    Earth is behind you. You won't live to see humanity's new home, but it's up to you to ensure your colony ship...
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  • Division 2 Technical Alpha Announced

    Division 2 Technical Alpha Announced

    6 monthes ago - By IGN

    Ubisoft will be running a closed technical alpha test for The Division 2 from December 15 through December 18, letting a small number of pre-selected players try out a small slice of the game before launch.
    The technical alpha , which will be available on PC, will only host a limited number of players who had already registered for a chance to participate and runs from December 15 at 5 AM PT/8 AM ET until December 18 at 2 AM ET/5 AM PT.
    If you've been selected, you can begin preloading the technical alpha on December 13. In addition, those participating must sign a non-disclosure...
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  • Warlord Games Announces Lords of Erehwon Fantasy Miniatures Game

    Warlord Games Announces Lords of Erehwon Fantasy Miniatures Game

    6 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    Warlord Games is bringing a new Rick Priestley miniatures game to your tabletops tomorrow. It's called Lords of Erehwon. The game's sort of a bit between skirmish and massed army, with maybe 2 dozen figures out on the field for each army, formed into loose units. Pre-orders for the rulebook start tomorrow.
    From the website:
    Warlords of Erehwon transports us to the multifarious fantasy realms of fiction, folklore and myth, placing us at the head of a fighting force of our choosing. Model warbands clash across fantastical tabletops as humans and monsters, the living and the dead, war over...
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  • Z-Man Games Announces Aerion Card Game

    Z-Man Games Announces Aerion Card Game

    6 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    Up, up and away in your beautiful, your beautiful airship!
    Creating beautiful air ships and other flying objects is your object in Aerion , a new card game for 1-2 players coming from Z-Man Games.
    From the announcement:
    Flying at a steady pace, you carefully guide the airship toward your destination. The sun bounces off the sides of your ship as you dip lower and break through the cloud cover. Mountains, waves, and creatures of all shapes and sizes fill the landscape below you. You push forward, landing on the edge of one of the mountains. After checking that your airship has settled, you...
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