• Reader Discussion - What Are Your Thoughts On Nintendo Labo?

    11 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    Nintendo had a surprise reveal earlier this week , showing off its cardboard-software hybrid Nintendo Labo. Oriented towards kids, Nintendo Labo requires players to assemble cardboard into different toys, such as a fishing rod or RC cars. Then, you can attach your Nintendo Switch to see these toys come to life.
    The announcement garnered a lot of attention and varied reactions on social media , and now we want to know what you think. Is Nintendo Labo something you would buy for yourself? For your child? Do you think it holds promise, or will kids easily rip it apart after only minutes of...
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  • Nintendo Labo Turns Switch Console Into Interactive Toys

    Nintendo Labo Turns Switch Console Into Interactive Toys

    11 monthes ago - By Mobile Tech Today

    Gaming innovator Nintendo has introduced a new product for its Switch games console: Nintendo Labo, an innovative augmented-reality game that turns cardboard models into fully functioning toys.
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