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    6 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    The upcoming wave for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight is going to be massive. It's an entire squadron of releases all at once, and there's a bit of something for everyone. Now, a lot of is consists of updated versions of older ships, now coming out for the 2nd edition of the game. But there's several new releases as well for you to check out.
    From the website:
    From the Clone Wars to the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order, the space battles of X-Wing ™ now encompass every era of the Star Wars saga. Whether you're flying for the Separatist Alliance or the...
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  • Yakuza Kiwami

    Yakuza Kiwami

    6 monthes ago - By Metacritic

    In 2005, a legend was born on the PlayStation 2 - the legend of Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, in his video game debut with Yakuza. Now, 11 years after that release, a new generation of players will be able to experience the incomparable action and drama of the Yakuza series with the rebuilt-from-scratch HD remake exclusive to PlayStation 4, Yakuza Kiwami.
    "Kiwami" means Extreme, and the game takes that concept to heart. It's not an HD-remaster or up-rezzing of PS2-era textures. Yakuza Kiwami was recreated from the ground up exclusively for the PlayStation 4. That means every visual...
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  • Jump Force Launch Trailer Teases Gameplay from Full Roster

    6 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    With Jump Force less than a week away from release, Bandai Namco shares an action-packed launch trailer featuring dozens of the game's diverse roster.
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  • The 25 best shooting games for Android

    6 monthes ago - By Pocket Gamer

    Updated February 11, 2019: New entries added
    Nothing screams 'video games' at you like a good shooter. In whatever form it takes, blasting virtual stuff to smithereens is a perennial favourite....
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  • New Cruel Seas and Konflikt '47 Releases Available From Warlord Games

    New Cruel Seas and Konflikt '47 Releases Available From Warlord Games

    6 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    Warlord Games has some new Alternate-History WWII stuff as well as some Actual-History WWII stuff for you this week. There's two new pieces of artillery for Konflikt '47 , as well as some new new fighter squadrons and weapon packs for Cruel Seas .
    New JU 87D Stuka Flight, Bristol Beaufighter MK Ic Flight and F4U Corsair Flight
    Sound the air raid sirens! Three new flight of aircraft are taking off over Cruel Seas!
    New Cruel Seas Weapons Packs
    Outfit your ships with a variety of weaponry using the new Cruel Seas Weapon Packs!
    A lot of naval vessels were armed to the teeth with a variety of...
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  • Week In PC Game Releases: Metro Exodus, Far Cry, And Civilization VI Gather Up A Storm

    6 monthes ago - By N4G

    This week's PC game releases sees Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3, Far Cry New Dawn, Civilization VI, and more battling it out.
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  • New Video Game Releases for the Week of 2-10-19

    6 monthes ago - By N4G

    EB: Between Jump Force, Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus, and Far Cry: New Dawn all coming out this Friday, theres not a lot of room for anything else to take some spotlight.
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