• Hot Wheels Unleashed Gameplay Details Revealed Along With New Race Footage

    1 day ago - By GameInformer

    Hot Wheels Unleashed has, well, unleashed its first gameplay trailer for eager fans to see. Developer Milestone and Mattel livestreamed a showcase for the game earlier today, giving Hot Wheels and racing fans a peek into the upcoming racer.
    The video shows off pre-alpha footage of a race in progress. Perhaps the coolest element Hot Wheels Unleashed is that it looks to be to-scale with actual Hot Wheels toys/tracks. By that, I mean you're a tiny car racing in a big world. The demo takes place in a garage, with the topsy turvy track weaving through and around shelves and even into ceiling...
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  • Hot Wheels Unleashed Exclusive Gameplay

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Exclusive Gameplay

    1 day ago - By GameSpot

    In this exclusive video, we race through three unique tracks from Hot Wheels Unleashed, which will have 40 different tracks and over 60 vehicles to ride in the final release.
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