• Fallout 76 review part 1: our first steps in the wasteland

    6 monthes ago - By TechRadar

    When Bethesda first announced Fallout 76 at E3 2018, there was a mixed response from fans. We had a feeling a Fallout game was in the works, but it wasn't the core game many had hoped for, and instead Bethesda boss Todd Howard unveiled an online multiplayer version of the iconic wasteland. So how does Fallout 76 hold up against its predecessors? Or should we be looking at it from a whole new perspective? We strapped on our Pip-Boy and blue jumpsuit to find out - here's part one of our Fallout 76 review:
    Reclamation Day
    Fallout 76 begins with you awakening in Vault 76 on Reclamation Day...
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  • Fallout 76 - Solo Play/Single-Player worth it?

    Fallout 76 - Solo Play/Single-Player worth it?

    6 monthes ago - By N4G

    CG writes: After many hours now playing Bethesdas Fallout 76 Solo Play/Single-Player we post some impressions about playing it this way. Fans are familiar with the series single-player roots, so its interesting how Bethesda added the multi-player option. However, one has to remember it is just that, an option and teaming up with others is not entirely crucial to success. Like any MMO sometimes its easier to just go with the flow and other players joining your skirmishes outside of teaming up helps a lot.
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  • Fallout 76 beta players have to make new characters to earn some achievements

    6 monthes ago - By GamesRadar

    Progress from the beta carried over, but it seems some in-game accomplishments did not
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  • Bug is turning ‘Fallout 76' players into mutants even more terrifying than usual

    Bug is turning ‘Fallout 76' players into mutants even more terrifying than usual

    6 monthes ago - By Digital Trends

    A bug linked to the Power Armor gear in Fallout 76 appears to be turning players into bizarre naked mutants, complete with extremely long limbs that are more than a little unsettling.
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  • Fallout 76 character creation: how to make your perfect Vault 76 resident

    6 monthes ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    After a surprisingly long time in Vault 76, the residents are finally allowed to emerge and repopulate the post-apocalyptic world. Since Fallout 76 is an online game, making your own unique character is your way of making your mark on the world. As there was a party the night before, you can make them as fresh faced or permanently hung-over as you wish. The important thing is that you make what you want to, rather than struggle with the controls. This guide will go through the character creation tools, how they work, and how to make your perfect Vault 76 resident.
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  • Fallout 76 players are helping newbies by acting like NPCs

    6 monthes ago - By N4G

    The Verge: "When Fallout 76 was announced, fans of the open-world role-playing series worried that making the traditionally solitary franchise into a multiplayer game would ruin the experience somehow. Wouldnt griefers be inevitable? Do you really want random jerks doing strange things in your game? Now that Fallout 76 is out, however, the most common player behavior seems to prove that Bethesda knew exactly what it was doing. People are actually being nice."
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