• Bold Plot Predictions For This Fall's Biggest Games

    9 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    From Spider-Man to Red Dead to a host of innovative battle royale shooters, this fall is teeming with huge game releases. However, thanks to our collective obsession with spoilerphobia , developers are keeping much of their projects under wraps, leaving story-focused players little to base their purchasing decisions on. At least that would be true if I wasn't about to use my incredible insight to blow the lid of this fall's biggest games.
    Plot predictions may seem like a sorry substitute for concrete facts, but I've honed my analytical chops through years of experience. I've uncovered...
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  • Battle Royale Games are Predicted to Make $20 Billion in 2019

    Battle Royale Games are Predicted to Make $20 Billion in 2019

    9 monthes ago - By IGN

    The battle royale mode has spiked in popularity over the past year and is now expected to make $20 billion in 2019, according to analysts at Business Insider .
    After it was reported that Fortnite passed the $1 billion mark from in-game purchases alone, the profits made from the battle royale genre are expected to increase approximately seven times their total in 2018, which is foreseen to be $2 billion for the current year.
    As more studios join the battle royale trend, those numbers are expected to increase again to be twelve-fold within just two years.
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