• Counterclockwise: the Apple iPhone makes history, Part 2

    9 monthes ago - By GSMArena

    Last week we went through the first chapters of the Apple iPhone chronicles and now we'll bring you the rest of its story.
    Powers of 2
    Ads for the Atari Jaguar made a big deal about it being the first 64-bit video game console. How is 64-bit better than 32-bit? The marketing department doesn't care as long as it can advertise a bigger number.
    That is not to say that Apple didn't have a good reason to jump to 64-bit with the iPhone 5s. In fact, given that the phone was introduced 5 years ago and is currently running the latest version of iOS, we'd say things worked out...
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  • Weekly poll results: the iPhone XS Max gets a few interested looks

    Weekly poll results: the iPhone XS Max gets a few interested looks

    9 monthes ago - By GSMArena

    The Apple iPhone XS Max topped its siblings in last week's poll, but it's hard to say it won - there was a strong anti-Apple sentiment with half the votes going to the "I don't want an iPhone at all" option.
    Has Apple finally pushed the price too high? The Max is certainly priced out of many people's budget, especially when you factor in its retail package, which is light on accessories. If you want fast charging or even just a 3.5mm adapter, you'll have to pay extra. That's not what you want to hear when the price tag reads $1,100.
    The two other iPhones were met with a resounding...
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