• Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of E3 2018

    8 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    In its current form, E3 is a dark, intimidating cloud off in the the distance, silently lighting up from flashes of lightning as the rolls of thunder rattle our ears a few moments later. It's closer than we realize, however, and as we scramble to prepare for the flood of announcements and hands-on impressions, we decided to publish a roadmap of what's to come so you can make your own preparations.
    Game Informer's Coverage Plans
    We'll be at the show getting our hands on as many controllers and mice and keyboards as we can, while also shoving our faces into as many VR headsets as is...
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  • Fortnite for Android: Everything You Need To Know!

    Fortnite for Android: Everything You Need To Know!

    8 monthes ago - By Android Central

    The hottest game of 2018 will be coming to Android in the coming months.
    Fortnite has been blowing up lately. Millions of people have become obsessed with the game, both as players and just watching popular Twitch streamers play the game.
    Interested to learn more about what the heck Fortnite is all about? Just keep reading.
    What's new with Fortnite?
    May 18, 2018 - The Android version will be here "this summer."
    Fortnite's iOS version has been out for a hot minute now, and to ensure the experience is as good as can be, Epic outlined a heap of improvements coming to the game - including a...
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