• Bayonetta 1 and 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch

    One year ago - By IGN

    Bayonetta 2, along with the first game, will arrive February 16 on Nintendo Switch.
    Nintendo announced the Wii U ports for Switch at The Game Awards 2017. The physical package is for Bayonetta 2, with the original Bayonetta being a game download.
    On top of the first two games in the action series, Nintendo also revealed that Bayonetta 3 is exclusively heading to Switch .
    For more, be sure to check out IGN's Bayonetta 2 review .
    Evan Campbell is a freelance writer who scripts the Daily Fix , streams games on his Twitch channel , and chats about movies and TV series on Twitter.
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  • SoulCalibur VI is officially announced at The Game Awards

    One year ago - By Shoryuken

    Welcome back to the Stage of History...
    During The 2017 Game Awards, Bandai Namco producers had one question for the audience: “Does your Soul still burn?” That was followed by nothing less than a long-awaited reveal trailer for SoulCalibur VI .
    The trailer below shows a fight between series mainstays Mitsurugi and Sophitia. We can see some kind of new mechanic in play: after blocking several blows, there's some kind of “revenge” attack. There's not much other specific information, however, we now know that SoulCalibur VI is indeed coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2018.
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  • From Software Teases Next Project

    One year ago - By IGN

    During the preshow at The Game Awards 2017, From Software released a teaser its next project.
    Check out the video below, which looks like it could very well be a tease for a sequel to Bloodborne.
    Stay tuned to IGN for all the big announcements from The Game Awards 2017.
    Alex Osborn is a freelance writer for IGN. Find him on Twitter at alexcosborn.
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  • Iam8bit shows off their 30th Anniversary Street Fighter II Super Nintendo cartridge in this unboxing video

    Iam8bit shows off their 30th Anniversary Street Fighter II Super Nintendo cartridge in this unboxing video

    One year ago - By Shoryuken

    Get a closer look at iam8bit's nod to many players' first foray into fighters.
    Back in August, retro gaming merchandise dealer iam8bit announced an interesting tribute to Street Fighter for the 30th Anniversary: a commemorative Super Nintendo Game Pak of the classic Street Fighter II home port. Despite warnings that this production run is intended as a collector's item - and while technically functional, is a collectible so literally hot that it may cause a fire if used in a SNES console - they sold through their production run to nostalgic fighting fans.
    Brand-New Playable SNES Cartridge...
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  • World War Z Video Game Announced at The Game Awards

    One year ago - By Game Rant

    The Game Awards 2017 kicks off in style with the announcement of a World War Z video game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One that seems to be inspired by Left 4 Dead.
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  • Watch The Game Awards right here

    Watch The Game Awards right here

    One year ago - By Engadget

    It's been a fairly fantastic year for video games - so let's celebrate. The Game Awards kick off tonight in Los Angeles at 9 PM ET, though the pre-show begins at 8:30 PM ET across a variety of live-streaming platforms, including Twitch, Twitter and...
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  • The Game Awards 2017 on Steam!

    The Game Awards 2017 on Steam!

    One year ago - By Steam Powered

    Watch The Game Awards 2017 live on Steam! The stream begins Dec 7th at 5:30pm PST.
    In addition to the show, there are a number of nominated titles on sale right now until Dec 9th at 10am PST. Also, to celebrate The Game Awards 2017, we will randomly drop 150 free copies of nominated titles every 15 minutes during the show.
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  • Watch The Game Awards 2017 live right here at 8:30 PM ET tonight

    Watch The Game Awards 2017 live right here at 8:30 PM ET tonight

    One year ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    There's no telling when or if video games will ever be taken as seriously as film or television, but The Game Awards is the first video game awards show that actually treats games with some degree of reverence. Produced and hosted by games journalist Geoff Keighley, the fourth edition of The Game Awards will air on Thursday night at 8:30 PM ET, with tons of awards to hand out and several exciting reveals set to take place throughout the night.
    If you've never tuned in for the ceremony before, you should know that The Game Awards are similar to other awards shows, with well-known members...
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  • Game Scoop's Favorite Games of 2017

    One year ago - By IGN

    Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're discussing the games we played in college, Wolfenstein, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and more. Watch the video above or download the podcast below.
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