• Resident Evil 2 Remake Brings Back Tofu Mode

    5 monthes ago - By GameSpot

    Capcom has announced that the remake of Resident Evil 2 will see the return of both The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor bonus modes. Both come included in the game at launch, but you'll need to unlock them. The 4th Survivor mode allows you to play as Umbrella Security Service special Agent HUNK, the fourth person to survive the events of Raccoon City, in a standalone canon story. Meanwhile, The Tofu Survivor puts you in control of a person-sized piece of tofu. This story, unfortunately, is not canon. It is, however, much harder to complete, as the piece of tofu can only carry and use a...
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  • The Gaming Industry Should Embrace Resident Evil 2 Remake's Fantastic One-Shot Demo

    The Gaming Industry Should Embrace Resident Evil 2 Remake's Fantastic One-Shot Demo

    5 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    I grew up on video game demoes. Many of the childhood gaming tales I hear around the Game Informer office are rooted in the classic experience of playing A Link To The Past on the Super Nintendo, Sonic on the Genesis, or even eating little yellow dots on Ms. Pac-Man cabinet at the arcades. I grew up with a console too but I didn't fall in love with games until I got hooked on downloading demoes on our dial-up connection back in 1999.
    As my parents slept away the night, I would sneak to the family computer and gleefully download demoes for Half-Life, MDK 2, Diablo 2, Messiah, Soldier Of...
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  • Resident Evil 2 lets you play as tofu

    Resident Evil 2 lets you play as tofu

    5 monthes ago - By Windows Central

    Do you want to play as tofu?
    Resident Evil 2 has always been a strange game. It featured some strange characters and stranger situations. With the new version coming out in a few weeks, Capcom seems to have increased the bizarre additions to the game. Today, the company announced that you can play as tofu in Resident Evil 2. Yes, tofu, the food. That wasn't written in error.
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  • Resident Evil 2 Releases New Screenshots of Hunk and Tofu

    5 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    The video game publisher and developer Capcom officially releases new screenshots of the side characters HUNK and Tofu for the Resident Evil 2 remake.
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  • RE2 Demo Played Over 1 Million Times

    5 monthes ago - By IGN

    Since its release on January 11, Resident Evil 2's 1-Shot demo has been played by at least 1.4 million players, Capcom revealed today.
    Of those 1.4 million, just over 400,000 players have successfully completed the demo within its 30-minute time limit, according to the official Resident Evil 2 website. It should be noted the player count is current as of 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST and only accounts for those who enabled RE Net, making the actual number of players almost certainly greater.
    The 1-Shot demo will remain available through January 31. If you've yet to begin your 30-minute timer...
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  • Super Replay - Resident Evil 2

    Super Replay - Resident Evil 2

    5 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    Editor's note: This Super Replay , originally aired on July 30, 2010. It was hosted by former Game Informer editor Tim Turi who worked on the Resident Evil series with Capcom for awhile before moving on to currently do social media for PlayStation. We're repromoting it in celebration of the Resident Evil 2 remake coming out very soon.
    Popping in an old game and talking about our memories is always fun, and that's why it's a blast doing Replay every week. However, some games are so iconic that a simple 20-minute episode just wouldn't do them justice. That's why we do Super Replay, a feature...
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  • Watch this speedrunner clear the Resident Evil 2 demo in 2:52, and change how you think about zombies

    5 monthes ago - By GamesRadar

    Resident Evil 2 demo speedrun proves not all zombies must die
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  • Resident Evil 2 demo timer can be reset with computer wizardry

    5 monthes ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    If you fancy playing the Resident Evil 2 remake's demo past its 30-minute deadline, good news: canny corpsegnawers have figured out how to reset the timer. It's a little fiddly but if you want to amble around the Raccoon Police Department HQ for longer, exploring or puzzling or popping heads, that is now an option. While the demo is still due to expire at the end of January, this is one arbitrary timer evaded. I'll leave you to untangle the ethical issues of breaking software rules to become a cop to shoot cops who are eating cops.
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  • The 30-Minute Time Limit on the Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Made Playing 10x Scarier - Noisy Pixel

    5 monthes ago - By N4G

    Noisy Pixel gives their impressions on the Resident Evil 2 "1-shot" demo released by Capcom giving players only 30-minutes to complete the demo.
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